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  • MVC 5 to ASP.NET Core MVC – Input Tag Helper

    Overview In the past a form was most likely created by using HTML helper methods. Since .NET Core there is a new option Tag Helpers. Let’s take a look at the different solutions to create the below login Form. View the code on Gist. To generate this HTML with with Html Helpers the syntax looked like this: […]

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  • Migrations

    Setup To enable Migrations add Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools as a “tool” and Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design as a build-only dependency under “dependencies” in the project.json: After this addition  in the project.json file the newly required files are loaded. To test if everything works open the Package Manager Console and navigate to the projects folder that contains the project.json file. Most likely something like […]

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  • MVC 5 to ASP.NET Core MVC

    I did some exercises merging a test Project that previously existed in MVC 5 to ASP.NET Core MVC. In the future I most likely have to work with .NET Core so  I thought,  why not create a small list of references and “good to knows”. Migrations Input Tag Helper

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